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700001: Real Photo Postcard; Arriba, Colorado. General Office of Arriba Trading Co. and Associated interests in the Post Office block building. Dated on the back in handwriting 1912. Message indicates that this was the post office that was here last summer. Possibly burnt in a fire. A nice clear shot.


700002: Real Photo Postcard; Blackhawk, Colorado. A nice crisp shot of several buildings along a street that were built into the hill. Above the street can be seen the schoolhouse and a church. The building second to the right says Careson's or Car & Sons. The building to the left looks to be a general store. Photo No. W 916.



700003: Real Photo Postcard; Brush, Colorado. Farmers State Bank. The stores to the right of  the building include Anderson Bros. Peoples Drug store, the Wright Drug Co. and Wilders Cash Grocery. The second floor had the offices for the following doctors: C.F. Eakins, Turner and Walter Bleasdale, dentist. The Brush Hardware store and harness shop was the store at the end on the left. Photo by L.L. Cook Co, Lake Mills, WI, 8-4. No. 880. on Sterling Quality Photograph Paper.
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700004: Real Photo Postcard;  Craig, Colorado. This is Yampa Avenue looking north with the First National Bank of Craig is on the left. In the same building is the JC Penney Co. store. On the right is a sign for Texaco Motor Oil and Gasoline. It looks like there is a gathering of locals on their property. The building on the right has advertising for the Midwest Cafe and Ellis Camp Cottages. 
EKKP stamp box.
700005: Real Photo Postcard; Durango, Colorado. The Hotel Savoy and a drug store. The building to the left has a Bull Durham advertisement on the side of the building. Postmarked in 1918 at Durango. Written 3:00pm on Wednesday. The message on the back indicates that they will be in Silverton that night, Ureka tomorrow and Ouray on Friday. They plan on being in Salt Lake City by Sunday.
700006: Real Photo Postcard; Fort Lupton, Colorado. Fourth Street with the Hotel Lupton on the right in the first building. There is also a restaurant and a barber shop in the building. The next building down is a hardware store. Several horse drawn wagons can be seen on the street. A M.L. Zorcher B & S. Co. Photo No. B5870. Postmark is not readable.


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700007: Real Photo Postcard; Julesburg, Colorado. A street scene showing the Wellworth Department Store Outfitters. Above the store is the office of Dr. F.G. Dutton.  Further down the street on the left is a drug store and the Lincoln Cafe. Postmarked July 16, 1924 at Julesburg.
700008: Real Photo Postcard; Lamar, Colorado. A nice shot of Main Street with the first white awning advertising the store of Jeweler H. Gerstenlauer, Optician. There are many horse drawn wagons along the street. Photo by O' Neil in Lamar, CO. Postmarked at Lamar in 1908.
700009: Real Photo Postcard; Meeker, Colorado. A scene near Meeker showing log cabin homes. Postmarked in Meeker on April 18, 1926.
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700010: Real Photo Postcard; Paonia,  Colorado. The Exchange Evaporator and North Fork Fruit Packing house. A M.L. Zorcher B. & S. Co. photo No. B5746. Postmarked in 1921 at Hotchkiss, CO. 
700011: Real Photo Postcard; Salida, Colorado. A scene of F Street and Tenderfoot Mountain. There is a horse drawn wagon that advertises the Salida Jersey Dairy. The proprietor's first name was Frank. The building on the right is C.P. Crozer which probably is the general store based on the advertisement on the side of the building. Postmarked in Salida on March 22, 1909.
700012: Real Photo Postcard; Salida, Colorado. A scene of F Street and Tenderfoot Mountain. The scene shows the building on the right side of the street. A horse drawn wagon can be seen further down on the street. Postmarked March 20, 1910 in Louisville, Kentucky. The message on the lower margin indicates that this is where the sender is planning on going soon.
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700013: Real Photo Postcard; Salida, Colorado. This is a shot of F Street in Salida. The building on the left looks to be a church. The next building has the Belmont Rooms sign and Fulton Meats. There are several horse drawn wagons on the street. Postmarked August 3, 1908.
700014: Real Photo Postcard; Steamboat Springs, Colorado. A shot of the Servis Lumber Co. along the river in Steamboat Springs. Postmarked July 13, 1916 with the Denver & Craig R.P.O. 
700015: Real Photo Postcard; Sterling, Colorado. A nice street scene  with the Model Bakery on the left along with Eaves Jeweler, the Rialto theatre, Sterling Fruit & Vegetable Co., a hotel and a bakery. On the right side of the street is the W.H. Frame Furniture store. There is also a Hotel, a boot shop, clothing and variety store plus many others. Postmarked August 23, 1921 at Sterling.  Photo No. 15.

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